The specific role that's being fulfilled is an Operations Director role, working with approximately 35 staff members who help organize and run the creche, comfort home, and the various programs of Emmanuel's Wish.  This position has been available for the last four years however, has not been filled to date.

I'll (Andrew) be working with the staff to develop the ministry programs, making sure that funds donated to Emmanuel's Wish Ministry are being spent in the most efficient ways possible.  Discipleship of staff towards a personal relationship with Christ, which flows over to those being 

cared for by the ministry will also be a large focus - keeping both tangible care, along with the Gospel message at the forefront of all that's done to advance the Gospel in the community of Richmond South Africa.

We've committed to a four year term with Emmanuel's Wish and may look to extend beyond that if both sides feel led. 

Something that was very important to us in searching out a ministry we could be involved with was the ability for our entire family to get involved, and not just myself.  Emmanuel's Wish affords our entire family the opportunity the be involved in most aspects of the ministry.  Jen will continue to educate the children at home,  and they will also serve alongside the staff as they help at the children's creche, comfort home, and various food/outreach programs as they have capacity.

Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions and need further clarity on anything.  If you've received this website, it's likely because we know you in some capacity from over the years.  Thank you for your support and prayers as we step into this new chapter of our life.


Phone: 705 540 9988

Cell: 705 734 6981

Email: barrettsinafrica@gmail.com