Why raise support?  Why is Emmanuel's Wish not carrying the cost of this position?  The desire of Emmanuel's Wish is that 100% of any donation which comes into the organization would be applied to foreign national employees of Emmanuel's Wish (local South Africans) to improve the local economy/employment, along with funding the required costs associated with the comfort home, creche, food programs, etc.  The Operations Director position is a support raised position to maintain 100% of funds in the local South African community of Richmond.

At this point, our fundraising goals are being kept fluid until we better understand our final costs associated with moving overseas.  However, in consultation with Emmanuel's Wish, we've come up with an estimated one time gift, and monthly donation category.


Below you'll see our breakdown of one time and monthly support needs.  Please feel free to reach out and ask for clarity or further details around our anticipated costs. 

Monthly Support Needs

Our estimated monthly support needs are listed below and have been shown as two separate goals (minimum need and target need).  Our minimum budget is set at $3650/month, while our target budget is set at $4500/month.  Any additional funds raised above and beyond this will be focused towards basic needs required (car repairs, clothing, etc.).  

One Time Support

Our one time support/costs are focused on the expense related to transporting eight of us overseas and, the purchase of a vehicle.  We'll be purchasing one way tickets to fly from Toronto to Durban, South Africa, at a total estimated cost of $9,000.  Vehicle purchase estimated at $5000.  $1000 estimated for moving expenses.  Any additional funds raised above the $15,000 will be applied to one time expenses related to setting up in Richmond, South Africa (work visa costs, first/last month's rent, etc.).

For those who are willing to support us on a monthly basis, contributions towards our monthly needs in advance of our departure will be directed towards our one time goal.